About Us

Facilities Management is an essential operation for the university.

We are a customer service-based organization and provides campus maintenance support through a transparent and deliberate process. Our intent is to preserve our campus with sustainable stewardship – by conducting ourselves with integrity as we interact with students, staff, and faculty; by providing excellent service to our constituents; respecting the rights and dignity of others whom we interact with; and by accepting responsibility for our actions, and by being ethical members of the community. 

Physical Facilities

  • Main Campus (Gross Square Footage 2,427,333)
    • 1,273,897 sq. ft. of # of academic spaces including office spaces
    • 1,153, 436 sq. ft. of residential community with a capacity of up to 3200 students (suites, apartments, and townhouse styles)
    • 269 acres
  •  Off campus
    • Fairfield Osborn Preserve (450 acres)
    • Ukiah Center
    • Galbreath Preserve (3670 acres)
    • Los Guillicos Preserve (40 acres)