How do I submit a request for repair or maintenance?

Please submit a work order through SSUFixit.

What information needs to be included on the work request?

In order to provide effective services to you, please include location, observation, and concern of your request. 

Example Work Requests
Not Enough Information Toilet is broken Door does not open.
Helpful Information 2nd toilet stall on the left as you walk in is clogged with toilet paper and will overflow if flushed. The pantry door closest to Bedroom A will not open. The door knob spins when turning but it is not unlatching.


For residents living on campus, refer to REACH’s Maintenance for other helpful information.

What type of services does Facilities Management provide?

  • Auto (State vehicles and carts)
  • Building Engineers
  • Carpentry
  • Custodial
  • Electrical and lighting
  • Emergency Services
  • Event and Relocation
  • Landscaping
  • Lock and security
  • Paint
  • Project Support
  • Plumbing
  • Waste disposal and recycling

For a comprehensive list of all our services, refer to the Service Level Commitment

How do I know if my request is billable?

For academic spaces, our Service Level Commitment document outlines our billable service under Section IX. If you have any question of what is billable, please send an email to fmwo@sonoma.edu or submit your request through SSUFixit. 

Billable services will require approval from the authorized signer on a chartfield string.

For on campus and off campus university housing, residents are responsible for repairs beyond normal wear and tear and will be coordinated with either the REACH office or Entrepreneurial Services per your contract terms.

How often do we receive custodial services?

For the main campus, the Custodial Team works 7 days a week with various work schedules throughout the day. The service varies depending on the type of facility and how it is used. For general information regarding routine custodial services, please reference our Service Level Commitment, Section VIII 

For on campus university housing, residents are responsible for maintaining and cleaning their units. For more information, refer to the REACH Maintenance.

I forgot my key and need a room unlocked. Can I have one of the Facilities staff or Locksmith open it for me?

For security and safety reasons, Facilities staff is not authorized to unlock spaces for anyone. 

For main campus facilities, please contact your School or administration office.

For on campus housing, please reference REACH Maintenance under Access Cards

How do I get a classroom unlocked?

Building locks are on a schedule. If you find a classroom locked, please contact your School office.

I lost my keys, what should I do?

  • For main campus, please report the loss to Seawolf Services.
  • For on campus housing, please contact the REACH Office.

What goes in the recycling bin?

Please refer to the Recycling/Waste Diversion  for more information.